Effects Of Infrared Sauna Bathing On Women With Joy Hussain

May 6, 2021

In this episode of The Sauna Show, we have Dr. Joy Hussain making her second appearance on the podcast to talk about her latest research paper: The study of whole-body thermal therapy in health and wellness.</p> <p>An extremely exciting time for sauna bathers around the world, particularly for women, as Dr. Hussain explains how she trailed 10 women to take part in this experiment to determine the effects infrared sauna bathing had on the female patients from both a biological and physiological stand-point.</p> <p>Dr. Hussain describes the control (meditative state) and variables' (infrared sauna bathing using a Clearlight infrared sauna and exercise using a bicycle) differentiators, similarities, and key findings. Fascinating in itself, the findings were found to support the notion that Clearlight infrared saunas are beneficial for detoxification, as it was the cause for the 10 women to excrete the highest levels of pesticides (organophosphates) in their sweat when compared to the sweat found from the other two states of being. An eye-opening medical paper and brilliant episode that takes the first look into this pioneering sauna study.

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