Fostering Mental Health and Strength: the Key to High Performance with Gary Fahey

January 22, 2024
Understanding personal identity to maintain balance in life. In today's episode of the Helsi Show, Gary Fahey and Sebastian Mierau talk about Gary's life, mental health struggles and journey to recovery. He highlights mental health as a prominent issue in modern society, and the importance of understanding personal identity to maintain balance in life. They also discuss the importance of understanding one's values and making conscious decisions are fundamental in maintaining mental health and ultimately, sustainable high performance. Gary Fahey works as a personal coach and mentor, helping people especially from high-pressure environments, understand their own mental health and forge a path towards recovery and strength. In this episode, you'll also hear about: The Impact of High-Performance Jobs on Mental Health The Role of Escapism in Mental Health The Importance of Seeking Help and Opening Up The Benefits of Living Purposefully The Role of Mental Strength in High Performance Connect with Gary Fahey on Instagram here: Checkout Clearlight Saunas here: Connect with The Helsi Show here: IG:

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