How Breathwork Unlocks Your Superhuman Power with Sophie Saemrow

December 18, 2023
Diving into the power of breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and sound healing. In this episode of The Helsi Show, we explore the fascinating world of holistic health and breathwork with Sophie Saemrow. As the visionary behind ‘Conscious Flow’, Sophie opens up about her remarkable journey and transformative experiences, diving into the power of mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, and so much more! She reveals how these practices deepened her self-awareness and fundamentally shifted her perspective on life. Join us for an inspiring and empowering conversation as we uncover the holistic techniques that have the potential to revolutionise your approach to well-being. Sophie is a holistic health coach and breathwork facilitator in Byron Bay. Her goal is to teach people how to embody their deepest truth and align with their purpose so they can live a healthier, well-balanced, and more fulfilling life, all the while breaking free from the limitations that may hold them back. In this episode, you’ll also hear: what ‘sound healing’ is and the benefits behind it the connection between breathwork and emotional regulation why breathing from the diaphragm can increase longevity the importance of the heart chakra and how it relates to well-being Find Sophie Saemrow here: IG - @consciousflowbreathwork FB - @MagicFlowBreathwork

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