The Therapeutic Power of Breathwork and Psychedelics

May 10, 2024
From Tradition to Transformation In today's episode of the Helsi Show, featuring profound narratives of personal transformation through breathwork and psychedelics. It highlights the journeys of individuals, including Gio Bartolomeo who veered off conventional paths to explore the depths of spiritual awakening and healing. Gio, transitioning from a chartered accountant to a psychedelic and breathwork expert, underscore the transformative and healing potentials of breathwork and psychedelics. The conversation captures Gio’s initial struggles, the discovery and utilization of psychedelics, and breathwork for physical and emotional healing, and culminates in their ongoing projects and efforts to impart their insights and learning. Gio's Journey: From Chartered Accountant to Psychedelic Expert The Turning Point: A Life-Changing Decision Exploring the Depths of Psychedelics and Breathwork The Transformation:Finding Purpose and Fulfillment Embracing Breathwork and Cold Exposure The Power of Integrity and Letting Go Transformative Conversations and Self-Reflection The Healing Potential of Psychedelics and Breathwork Connect with Gio on Instagram here Check out Elemental Rhythm's website here Checkout Clearlight Saunas here Connect with The Helsi Show here Check out The Helsi Show's website here

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