The Evolution of Wellness: A Journey Towards Conscious Health with Dr. Brian Clement

May 17, 2024
In this profound conversation in today's episode of the Helsi Show, Dr. Brian Clement critically analyzes the modern healthcare system, identifying it as more oriented towards disease management rather than genuine health promotion. He elaborates on humanity's historical progression from nomadic lifestyles to the complexities of contemporary society, including the Industrial and Information ages, culminating in the current era of consciousness. Dr. Clement also emphasizes the transformative power of adopting a plant-based diet, regular exercise, and engaging in meaningful relationships as foundational to wellness. Personal anecdotes and historical reflections intertwine to offer a hopeful perspective on humanity's ability to embrace a more heart-centered and spiritually aligned approach to health and life. 02:52 A Journey Through Human History: Nomads to Nations 04:44 The Industrial Revolution: A Shift Away from Nature 05:55 The Information Age and the Rise of Consciousness 06:36 Embracing AI: The Future of Medicine and Humanity 17:14 The Role of Mindset in Health and Disease 20:30 Quantum Healing: The Intersection of Consciousness and Health 33:21 Navigating the Future: Economics, Wellness, and Societal Shifts 37:33 The Economic System and Societal Shifts 49:59 The Power of Belief and Manifestation 51:43 Encouraging Wellness and Transformation in Others 58:35 The Importance of Relationships and Community Check out Hippocrates Wellness's website here: Instagram ► Connect with The Helsi Show here: IG: Checkout Clearlight Saunas here:

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