Using Rapid Resolution Therapy for Treating Trauma with Dr. Jon Connelly

January 29, 2024
A new paradigm of healing in the mental health industry This episode of The Helsi Show features an insightful discussion with the Founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Dr. Jon Connelly. Initially, working in child protection services and clinical supervision for traumatized teens, his career journey led him to develop the innovative therapy. RRT emerged out of Dr. Connelly's experiences with clients, where he found traditional therapy to be personally distressing and ineffective for treating trauma. Instead, he began to approach healing from a unique mindset that focuses on resolving emotional trauma instead of revisiting it. This episode further discusses the concept of the 'avatar' - an image of oneself handling situations more effectively in the future - as an essential tool in Rapid Resolution Therapy. 01:29 The Journey to Rapid Resolution Therapy 04:57 Understanding Trauma and Its Effects 09:55 The Power of the Human Mind and How to Rewire It 28:10 The Power of Effective Communication 31:58 Creating an Avatar for Self-Improvement 35:15 The Importance of Self-Awareness 40:41 The Power of Rapid Resolution Therapy Connect with Dr. Jon Connelly on Instagram here: Checkout Clearlight Saunas here: Connect with The Helsi Show here: IG:

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